Messenger App Feature Study

Certain features make up the backbone of a product. For “Native” it is the live in messaging translations.


Native messenger is a widely used messenger app in the international market. Whats its them apart is their live translation feature. The goal is to move beyond the barrier of language by creating seamless and natural translations for all.


The research studies focuses on the accessibility of the translate feature

Research Question

Where is the most accessible location for the translate CTA

Native currently placed the feature using the material design system icon CTA

To access the translation feature on IOS user

Research Process

  1. Establish central question
  2. Bring stakeholders and Lead teams for a knowledge mapping session
  3. Design study and finalize timelines
  4. Conduct research study:
    1. Live multi-variant testing
    2. One on one Interviews
  5. Analyze data using thematic method
  6. Present and recommend

Multi Variant testing for deeper insight

Type A displays